Lemonade Diet Side Effects

Going into “The Master Cleanse” could mean getting to know its side effects. When there are effects, there must be causes to them. While, you cause yourself to undergo on this kind of cleansing, therefore, you have to be aware on its possible consequences when you are into this kind of diet.


As, what is popularly known as, “The Master Cleanse” is also commonly known and recognized as the “Lemonade Diet”. The practice or method has been around for many years. And, was tested and already proven to be effective by many.


For the first few days while on a diet, you will experience stomach cramps. Your body is adapting to the new regimen of no food intake but lemonade. Hungry pangs will occur giving you uncomfortable spasms of pain every now and then plus the lemony acid that is present in your stomach lining is producing more enzymes that is more acidic but beneficial.


Cravings for food will surely to occur. Hallucination of a variety of food in your mind will happen. While on the diet pangs of hunger would likely to occur which can be satisfied only by another glass of lemonade. Eating an apple could somehow alleviate the pain but not the craving.


A set of headaches will likely to occur for heavy caffeine takers. This would also be some kind of a withdrawal symptom for tea, coffee or cola drinkers. The headaches are only short lived however, as it will only occur within 3 – 4 days while on “The Master Cleanse”, after which no more headaches will surely to occur until the rest of the days for the whole duration of the Lemonade Diet.


During the whole process of “The Master Cleanse”, your body will be experiencing feelings of “exhaustion” and “burnout”. This is probably because detoxification requires more energy in removing all the waste and toxins from your body.


 During the whole process of the Lemonade Diet, right from Day 1 to Day 10, uncomfortable feeling of pain in the stomach area will surely to occur.


Preparing yourself for the pains to occur would be the best thing to do. The advise would be to go on through the whole process, for a more productive and effective dieting. Getting cleansed and to lose weight would be your priority towards better health and well being. 


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